Software Development
Build for the future.

With speed and efficiency, our aim is to always create unique software that solves your digital needs, from seamless web applications to cloud services and entire system overhauls, choose the solution that’s right for you.

Software is not one size fits all. To compete effectively in today’s market - wherever you are businesses have to adapt by thinking ahead and building for tomorrow. Your customer must receive innovative service that’s convenient, available for them in the marketplace before other options, and more importantly completely unique to your business.

We focus on giving our clients the ability to hit the market before other relevant players with software that’s customized to their individual needs.

HML does its homework. Our kickoff meetings start a process where we identify your challenges and how to address them by putting the latest technologies to work, always keeping in mind who your target consumer might be and how they will interact with your brand.

As the business climate changes and becomes more user-focused, give your company that competitive edge and always create a unique product.

Custom Software
  • Efficient: Developed purely to match unique needs without needless extras
  • Adaptable: Modify, expand, or trim according to your goals and growth
  • Seamless: Integrate with softwares and systems in a budget-efficient way
  • Memorable: Customize a user experience that’s unique to only you
Custom Software
  • Not specific: It does not answer needs specific to your field
  • Stiffness: Not modifiable easily
  • Exclusion: Not easy or cost effective to integrate new software and systems
  • Common: Not competitive, as your competition will have a similar product
Advantages Of Custom Software Solutions
Our custom software solutions at Hyper Media Labs give you a wide suite of benefits beyond state-of-art tech for your company’s internal tools or market-ready product.
  • Complete Product Ownership
    Our guarantees at HML is that you’ll have 100% ownership of the software, regardless of the scope of work.
  • Compete with the Best
    With HML’s expertise, your custom software will put you at the forefront of the competition.
  • More Flexibility
    You are free to use the software however you see fit once the project is completed.
  • Receive a Unique Solution
    With ample research and the latest technology, we work from scratch every time to give you a product that is truly yours.
Only choose solutions that fit your needs
At Hyper Media Labs, our focus is efficiency. That’s why we’re intent on offering customized software solutions according to each client’s need, while maximizing the benefits for each budget. Only choose the solutions that are right for you and your customer.
Advanced Web Applications
We build applications that are optimized for performance for every website we build and develop, never sacrificing security or cutting corners.
Application Modernization
Faster, and more customizable. We get there by performing a complete code refactor. That’s the HML promise when you need to update your software.
Custom CRM Software
Start improving your customer relationships and increase your productivity. Our custom CRM software solutions are aimed at improving leads while always strengthening security.
E-commerce Applications
HML applications will enable your company to swiftly and safely accept payments so you can start selling today.
You get ownership and knowhow
To ensure the job continues to go right, we provide the right training for your team to run what we set up. After all, the source code of our work is yours as we transfer its copyrights to your company.
System Integration
Any business can benefit from more seamless communication. HML can integrate your accounting, customer relationship management, content management, enterprise resource planning and reporting systems with custom applications.
Custom ERP Software
We are experts at consolidating data and streamlining processes with proven, advanced automations and integrations.
Case Management Software
Improve your company’s internal communication, interdepartmental information sharing, and report generation with our inventive solutions that are customized for organizations concerned with case work.
Web Portals
At HML, we build web portals with a strong focus on UX that will improve any organization's output and efficiency with fully customizable features and automations.
Cloud Applications
Get the same functionality of a native applications, like easy web browser access, but with the added advantages of remote servers for processing logic.
Enterprise Applications
Hyper Media Labs can help any company grow by conducting its business operations through customizable enterprise applications.
API Development
Gain more control with our Application Programming Interface development which allows testing automations and app performance checks. Integrating your apps and systems has never been easier or more adaptable to new processes and softwares.
SaaS Applications
Start monetizing your services. HML’s Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions will allow your company to start reaping the profits through developing successful subscription-based software purchases.
Application Re-Engineering
Your customer has no patience for any bugs. HML developers have the know-how to rework solutions and get rid of those pesky bugs in all types of software solutions and applications. Get running smoothly and continue to do so.
How we do it!
how we do it
We don’t leave you here!
Longevity is the name of the game.
Support & maintenance
We’ve dedicated a standby Hyper Media Labs team for round-the-hour support and maintenance. On any software application or mobile platform, whether our role is launching, upgrading, or hosting a high-traffic server, your customer will have a seamless experience.
Quality Assurance
Good tech is only as good as it continues to be. Quality assurance engineers at HML are present at every step of the way with the sole purpose of testing so your goals remain on a smooth development track.
This is what we have here
Metro Market
Web App Android

Metro Markets’ main purpose is serving customers in the most efficient and seamless way and we help them accomplish their goal through creating an ecommerce platform, both website & phone applications to help users place their orders digitally. Additionally, we developed Metro Markets’ hotline portal that helps their customer service representatives place orders on the behalf of their customers in real-time.

Souq Kahraba
Web App Android

Souq Kahraba is a marketplace platform that facilitates the electricity market by connecting companies with customers in a user-friendly, fast, and effective way. Companies have their own portal where they manage their products, data sheets, and profiles for customers to view. On the other hand, customers can easily login to the website to browse products and purchase whatever they need in a click of a button.

Web App Android

VNDR Co aims to offer a seamless user experience to both buyers and sellers by offering an ecommerce marketplace for materials trading. Registered buyers on the marketplace can view a list of desired products and relevant technical information in an easy, clear, and simple format. Whilst sellers can manage their inventory and display their products for increased market exposure.

Fresh Food Market
Web App Android

Fresh Food Market is a gourmet supermarket that continues to offer a premium shopping experience to their customers through our high-end developed e-commerce website. This provides customers with a flawless product browsing and checkout experience to mimic the unique real-life FFM flow.