Product Design
Let’s create the next big product.
Product Design

Today’s consumer is savvy!

And with a decade of expertise, our UX/UI development and design methods address not just efficiency, but also at ensuring that every end-user click is an enjoyable one, no matter the demographic.

Our team of developers and designers will also create innovative ways to increase your user interaction as well as grab and retain attention.

Our UX and UI capability is matched with optimization tools for tracking and testing activity so you find out what works best for your business.

Build and Design a Professional System That Works for Your Customer
  • User Experience (UX) Development
    We believe in human experiences in the digital realm. That’s why we take into account every way a user will interact with your product. Behavioural analytics enable us to correctly build visual and functional elements to work better towards achieving the goals your business has set out.
  • User Interface (UI) Development
    Insightful and convenient interface can make or break. The end-user will always be met with functional design and optimal architecture. The Hyper Media Labs team will turn your ideas and mark insight into tangible interface functions.
  • Organizational Information Architecture
    Our thorough user behaviour analytics methods are aimed at matching your target customer’s clicks and behaviour, as well as their actions and their incentives, on your product to your goals. The HML organizational structures ensure all your content is in the right place for the right clicks.
Start Designing the Right Product for You
Information Architecture
Content structure on your site affects everything from user experience to search engine optimization. Our analytics is geared towards designing the right wireframes to organize your content in a way that works for your user and your SEO.
Software Design
When you design a customized software, you are one step closer to achieving your business goals online more efficiently and effectively while standing out in an ever-evolving digital space.
Software Prototyping
Start paying saving on your budget spending before you hit market. At HML, our software prototyping services are matched with clear communication and honest feedback. We problem-solve with you before we develop.
UX Design & Development
We believe our expertise will give your business a competitive edge. HML’s learnings have enabled our team to hone in on increasing conversions by focusing on your user experience on your product.
UI Design & Development
Smoother, smarter navigation is how clever conversions on websites and apps happen. Our user interface team always customizes software that best works for your customer.
Web Design
As web design has come a long way, so has our expertise. Every market demands specific design to increase traffic to your domain, even to where you want it to be once the customer arrives at your site, and make those conventions happen.
The Hyper Media Labs Designers’ Process
Designers’ Process
We don’t leave you here!
Longevity is the name of the game.
Support & maintenance
We’ve dedicated a standby Hyper Media Labs team for round-the-hour support and maintenance. On any software application or mobile platform, whether our role is launching, upgrading, or hosting a high-traffic server, your customer will have a seamless experience.
Quality Assurance
Good tech is only as good as it continues to be. Quality assurance engineers at HML are present at every step of the way with the sole purpose of testing so your goals remain on a smooth development track.
This is what we have here
Metro Market
Web App Android

Metro Markets’ main purpose is serving customers in the most efficient and seamless way and we help them accomplish their goal through creating an ecommerce platform, both website & phone applications to help users place their orders digitally. Additionally, we developed Metro Markets’ hotline portal that helps their customer service representatives place orders on the behalf of their customers in real-time.

Souq Kahraba
Web App Android

Souq Kahraba is a marketplace platform that facilitates the electricity market by connecting companies with customers in a user-friendly, fast, and effective way. Companies have their own portal where they manage their products, data sheets, and profiles for customers to view. On the other hand, customers can easily login to the website to browse products and purchase whatever they need in a click of a button.

Web App Android

VNDR Co aims to offer a seamless user experience to both buyers and sellers by offering an ecommerce marketplace for materials trading. Registered buyers on the marketplace can view a list of desired products and relevant technical information in an easy, clear, and simple format. Whilst sellers can manage their inventory and display their products for increased market exposure.

Fresh Food Market
Web App Android

Fresh Food Market is a gourmet supermarket that continues to offer a premium shopping experience to their customers through our high-end developed e-commerce website. This provides customers with a flawless product browsing and checkout experience to mimic the unique real-life FFM flow.